Thursday, October 21, 2004

My review of a magazine

The magazine, which has existed for many years and is called “Good housekeeping” is addressed to modern women with traditional views and for whom job and comfortable hearth are both equally important. This magazine is also addressed to women, who have families and children, who make decisions about buying goods and services for themselves and their families.

The magazine “Good Housekeeping” focuses on various topics that may be found in an issue - food, nutrition, fashion , beauty, fitness, money management, financial help, travel, human interest stories, household tips, relationships, marriage advice, home decorating and home care, health and child care and consumer and social issues.

There is always an celebrity on the cover of the magazine. Of all the magazines, this one has the best layout. Everything is good organized, clearly separated into their respective sections, and each page is clearly marked with the section heade so you will always know which section you are on. For example, you love reading about other people who are making the news, the People section always has something fun to read about. Fashion and Beauty gives ideas on the latest nail color or makeup tips. The articles on Relationships are also very interesting. This magazine also has sections for: Health & Well Being, Consumer Sense, The Better Way, Food & Home, Fiction, Departments and Columns. All these sections include long and short articles to read. And whether you are looking for the latest news on your favorite star or are looking for a new recipe... this magazine has it all.

“Good Housekeeping” is a wholesome, informative, serious magazine, which I would thoroughly recommend to any home-maker. But if you are a parent or someone who has their own house or family, this magazine could be a big benefit to you too. It's mostly addressed to women, but many men might also enjoy its insightful articles. This magazine is not very expensive and if everything mentioned above fits your lifestyle and views – go and buy it!